For Sale By Owner

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Jacksonville Team

For Sale By Owner


Ready to sell your home on your own? Jacksonville Title & Trust
can help you have a successful FSBO transaction! We’ll help you navigate the title process and ensure a smooth closing. Get started today!

Take a look at the Free Services we provide:

  • Market your property for free on our featured listings page to gain you traffic and exposure
  • User-friendly app to generate a seller net sheet showing your estimated proceeds
  • Homestead and portability guidance and education

When working with Jacksonville Title & Trust, you can expect:

  • Quick Turn Times
  • Concise Communication
  • A Seamless and Stress-Free Process


Selling your home without a realtor? Let us guide you through the closing process!

Your first step is to find a buyer and negotiate the terms of your contract. Don’t have a contract? You can use our blank FSBO contract form below.

After you and the buyer sign the contract, send us a copy. We will order the title search, clear any liens, and communicate with the buyer and their lender. Once all parties are ready to close, we will handle the closing documents and disbursement of funds. Call us today to get started!

Please contact us with any questions.