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A short sale happens when a borrower sells a property for less than the amount owed to their lender. The lender will request certain documentation from the seller and must approve the short sale which can be an exceedingly difficult process and approval to obtain. Lenders will lose money in a short sale, however, they fear a greater loss in the even of a default or foreclosure. While you may successfully negotiate the short sale of your property, you may run into an instance where solid legal advice and counsel may be a needed service to insure you accomplish your goals.

Jacksonville Title & Trust is represented by independent counsel. Michael has served Jacksonville for many years and has successfully negotiated many short sales for his customers. Should you need prompt, competent legal advice, Michael is available for a consultation to review your situation.


While there is very little substitute for a seasoned Realtor who knows your market area and works with buyers and sellers on a daily basis, there may be times when you will be purchasing or selling a home with out the benefit of a realtor. If you obtain financing, almost all of the time title insurance is required. If there is no financing and you are buying, we strongly recommend you obtain title insurance to protect your interest. Jacksonville Title & Trust, LLC is here to offer you guidance throughout the process.

Our firm can help you address any potential issues you may have with your title and give you advance notice of issues that could cause problems. Once you get your contract fully executed, we will help you with all aspects of closing your transaction. If you ultimately decide that the sale of real estate is an overwhelming task for you, we have Realtors we can strongly recommend to you to assist you. We would love to discuss with you any questions you may have concerning selling your home. We are available during normal office hours or by appointment for a more convenient time for you.


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